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How to Reheat Turkey Leftovers

Well, Thanksgiving is over, but our American right to the leftover carnage has just begun!  I told you how I made the entire Thanksgiving meal for leftovers, but I didn't explain how I reheat my turkey for our day-after feast.  

Growing up we always served large holiday meals buffet style in tabletop chafing dishes like this one.  The food is placed in pans over deep water pans.  The water is heated just until it steams and it keeps the food warm and moist.  

So with that in mind, I thought a great alternative to the steam table would be to warm up leftovers using the steam insert to my pasta pot.  I bring an inch or so of water to a simmer.  Place the cold sliced turkey meat in the steamer insert and put it over the simmering water.  Cover with a lid and check back every few minutes until the meat is the done.  It heats up just as moist and juicy as Thanksgiving day!

Oh, I almost forgot.  It is also a great way to reheat your leftover dressing.  Mmm-- moist and tender dressing!


  1. I am trying this tip tonight. I love Thanksgiving Day leftovers, but the turkey never seems quite right after its initial debut. This looks like a winner! Thanks.

  2. While I was steaming the turkey, I was reheating everything else in the microwave...until I came to the rolls. Then I had an inspiration! Why not do the same to the rolls? While the turkey was still in the steamer, I placed the rolls on some aluminum foil and placed them directly on top of the turkey. It was almost as quick as the microwave, but the rolls were restored to their original glory!!! Wow! The buttery pan rolls and the turkey were the stars of the evening. Thanks for a great idea.

  3. Margaret-
    Another great tip!! If it was for my family, I would probably use my pasta insert just so we could fit the turkey, dressing and rolls all in the same pot. Thanks for sharing with me and my readers.


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