Pico de Gallo

Mexican food is as varied as it is glorious.  I have so many recipes that I want to share, but I need to get to some of the basics/condiments before doing so.  And since tomatoes are still peaking, I wanted to highlight this recipe.  In my estimation, a good pico de gallo can go with just about any dish in the category.

This pico de gallo is more of a guideline than a recipe.  The end result will depend on size, flavor, heat, and personal preference.  The tomatoes, onion, and garlic all vary in size.  The jalapeños will vary in heat.  Some are as mild as a green pepper, while others can really pack a punch.  If I have peppers with little to no heat, I add an extra bit of our favorite green habanero hot sauce to taste.  Then there is the cilantro-- touchy subject.  You either like it or don't.  If you are one of those who thinks it takes like soap, just omit it.  If you love it like we do, go all in and add some more:)  

Serve it with tortilla chips, tacos, flautas, or anything south of the border that strikes your fancy.  Better yet, stay tuned until tomorrow and I'll share with you another simple, but favorite mexican condiment/dip using this recipe.

Pico de Gallo
makes about 4 cups

6 large plum tomatoes
1/2 medium white onion, finely diced
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped
2 jalapeños, seeded, and finely diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2-4 Tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt, more to taste

Core, quarter, and remove the seeds from the tomato.  Place the tomato quarters flesh side down on a double thickness of paper towels to drain.  While the tomatoes are draining, add the onion, cilantro, jalapeños, and garlic to a large bowl.  To cut the tomatoes, julienne each quarter, turn, and finely dice.  Add the tomatoes to the onion mixture and toss to combine.  Add the salt and lime juice to taste and toss again.  Allow the flavors to develop at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before serving.  Pico de gallo can be made in one day in advance; covered and refrigerated.  Bring to room temperature before serving.  Enjoy!

Source: The Galley Gourmet  


  1. Love this! Just looking at it is making my mouth water and I honestly could eat a (big) bowl of this for breakfast - I know I'm a bit strange........

  2. Chris-
    I must be strange, too:) I find myself eating tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner these days. Gotta eat the while I can!

  3. Wow, this looks so delicious!! Gogeous photo as well!

  4. This is such a nice recipe! I love this!! I love Mexican food!

  5. Such a beautiful photo! I've got chips on hand, I just need this gorgeous salsa. :-)

  6. This recipe is great, every time I make it for a party it is always gone, it is so simple and easy to make, and tastes amazing. I always get compliments when I make this and people always rave about how fresh it tastes and how much they enjoyed it. I also use this recipe when I make Tacos Carne Asada and it just elevates it to a whole new level. Thank you for this great recipe.

    1. You are very welcome! I made some last night to go with Chicken Flautas 😃! http://www.thegalleygourmet.net/2011/09/chicken-flautas-in-roasted-tomatillo.html

  7. Your recipe is delicious. Though I was eating onion sandwiches from age 8, I cannot handle habaneros. If you find that you want to make to a bit spicer, I learned to make my pico with serrano peppers. Their heat too varies, with this few tomatoes 1 should be enough, though I always buy two and add them 1 at a time, in case 2 might be needed.

    While we like our pico fresher than a day old, I merely make it early in the a.m. before I make the coffee and then it's about ready flavorwise by then time noon rolls around.

    We like our pico on our hambugers. Put a little on the bun over the lettuce, then the burger and then my jalapeno cheese sauce. I say mine I was given the recipe by the owner of the Jalapeno Tree back home for my son after his motorcycle accident. Nick had been riding on the trails and as he came back up onto the road the city had dumped a load of black asphalt on the roadway and just left it there. When Nick hit it his bike went out of control and he slid into the other ditch and as he came up he hit the trailer hitch on the pick up parked on the side if the road checking on his horse. If he had called 911 my son would have bled to death. Nick used to also stuff himself on the hot version of the hamburgers at the man's restaurant. For a 2 lb. package of Velveeta cheese melted in a double boiler or in 30 second incraments until melted add 3 jalapenos seeded & minced fine (though we leave in a few seeds) for the medium take the 2 lb. package down to 2 jalapenos and the mild version take the 2 lb. package down to 1 jalapeno.

    We ususally put a thin layer of brown mustard on the bottom of our bun then the lettuce then a goodly amount of pico , the meat and top it with the jalapeno cheese.

    I love pico on my eggs of a morning, if I have no pico, then I have to have salsa. The Pioneer woman has an excellent retaurant stle salsa on her site, I make a minimum of one batch per month sometimes two, I yields about 7 cups of salsa but I use 2 jalapenos as opposed to 1.


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