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Peach and Blueberry Galette

This Sunday is one of the rare times that we aren't together as a whole family because my two older children are still away at camp.  Part of me wanted to get take-out and forget about Sunday dinner and part of me wanted to have the whole neighborhood over to fill the void.  However, I knew my children were looking forward to hearing about what I was making via snail mail (the only way I have contact with them), and that warms my heart.  Besides, one day they will be gone, whether it is college or the real world calling, and the show must go on.  So, it is time to buck up and fire up the grill for a simple, but still delicious, Sunday dinner.

Since my youngest is still pulling on my apron strings this Sunday, I thought I would make one of my desserts just for her.  She adores peaches and blueberries (if they are cooked), so this galette was in order.  It is rather rustic looking, but the taste is anything but.  Sweet, juicy peaches and plump, fresh blueberries piled on a round of flaky pastry is a simple way to get dessert on the table.  No crimping perfect pie pleats or weaving lattice tops.  The crust has a higher flour to butter ratio to give good structure and to help prevent the dough from breaking and the fruit juices leaking during cooking.  I also add a bit of cornstarch to the dough and filling to combat the same issue.  I add a pinch of cinnamon and a bit of lemon juice to brighten the flavors of the peaches and berries.  It is baked until brown and bubbling.  Served warm or at room temperature with a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes it extra good.  So good that now I am looking forward to another Sunday dinner!  (But, I still miss my kiddos.)

Peach and Blueberry Galette
serves 6-8

For the Pastry Dough
1 1/2 cups unbleached-all purpose flour
1 Tablespoon cornstarch
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar
10 Tablespoons cold, unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
3-6 Tablespoons cold water

For the Fruit Filling
1 pound (about 2 large) ripe and juicy peaches, peeled and cut into 1/2-inch wedges
1 cup fresh blueberries, rinsed and dried
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 Tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
pinch of ground cinnamon
pinch of kosher salt
1 Tablespoon unsalted butter
1 Tablespoon milk
1 Tablespoon granulated sugar for sprinkling

In the bowl of a food processor, pulse together the flour, cornstarch, salt, and sugar until combined.  Scatter the butter pieces on top of the flour mixture and pulse until it resembles coarse bread crumbs and the butter is the size of small peas, ten to twelve 1-second pulses.  Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of water over the mixture and pulse for 1 second; repeat with the remaining water until the dough begins to form small curds and holds together when pinched with fingers.  (Depending on the humidity in the air you may not need all 6 tablespoons of water- I only used 4 1/2 tablespoons today).  Empty the dough onto a work surface.  Using a bench scraper, form the dough into a rough mound about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide perpendicular to the edge of the counter.  Starting at the farthest end, use the heel of your hand to smear about one-sixth of the dough against the work away from you.  Repeat until all the dough has been worked.  (This technique is called frisage)  Gather the dough into another mound and repeat frisage technique.  Form the dough into a 4-inch disk, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, and refrigerate until cold and firm but malleable, about 1 hour.

Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and preheat the oven to 400ยบ F.  Remove the dough from the refrigerator.  (If the dough has been chilling for longer than an hour, let is rest at room temperature for 15 minutes to become malleable).  Lightly dust a large sheet of parchment paper with flour.  Roll dough into a 12-inch round circle about 1/4-inch thick, dusting with flour as needed.  Transfer parchment and dough onto a baking sheet and refrigerate until cool and slightly firm.

Meanwhile, gently toss together the peaches, berries, and lemon juice in a medium bowl.  Sprinkle the sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, and salt over the fruit and gently toss to combine.  Remove the dough on the baking sheet from the refrigerator and mound the fruit filling in the center of the dough, leaving a 2 1/2-inch border around the edge.  Carefully fold one edge of dough over 2-inches of fruit, leaving a 1/2-inch area of dough between fruit edge and inside edge of galette.  Repeat folding around the tart, overlapping dough every 2 to 3 inches while gently pinching dough at the pleat, but without pressing dough into the fruit.  Using a pastry brush, brush the dough with the milk and sprinkle with the tablespoon of sugar.  Bake for 50-55 minutes, the fruit juices should be bubbling and the crust golden brown.  Transfer the baking sheet to a rack and cool for 30 minutes.  Serve warm or at room temperature. Enjoy!

Source: Adapted from Joy of Cooking, 1997 and America's Test Kitchen


  1. What a wonderful seasonal recipe. Interesting - corn starch in the dough. I have never seen that. Bookmarking this to try soon.

  2. Your stories are as delicious and as anticipated as your recipes and photos! Kudos to perfection.

  3. This looks great. I made an all peach one over the weekend. So good and so easy.

  4. AnonymousJuly 18, 2011

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  5. This looks beautiful :) I have never had a galette, sad i know!, but all the flavours are ones that i love and im such a pastry addict i have absolutely no doubt that this would taste phenomenal. I like the way you have 'leak proofed' the crust, takes the worry out of it for me if i try it out :) lovely recipe as always!

  6. What a wonderful summer recipe! Light and simple.

  7. Beautiful galette! I love making galettes but I've never used berries before. Blueberries sound especially good to me right now :)

  8. I love making galettes! This one is beautiful! We're hosting an online seasonal potluck and July is blueberry month! If you'd like to link your recipe, we'd love to have you! http://bit.ly/eLlgG2

  9. What an amazing idea! I'm craving everything peaches right now... I posted a peach recipe today - Peach Crostata. I hope you get a chance to stop by! http://jennysteffens.blogspot.com/2011/07/peach-crostata-simple-summer-peach.html


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