Game Day Appetizers/Snacks

Pin It It was very difficult for me to narrow down the field for inclusion in the appetizer/snacks post, so I took the easy way out and broke them down into categories so I could include more of my favorites.  I know that it is a long list, but please keep scrolling.  You will find a recipe worthy of your attention, I promise you.

Cold Dips/Spreads

Hot Dips/Spreads

Fried Goodies


Shrimp Delights

Deviled Eggs

Others not to be forgotten...


Game Day Food

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It is the week of the run-up to the Big Game on Super Sunday.  Everyone wants something good to eat while watching the game, the commercials, or just talking at a party.  I am reaching back into the Galley Gourmet archives for some of my favorite foods for game day indulgence.  I'll start with the mains today, list some great snacks and appetizers on Thursday, then round out the roundup with some killer desserts on Friday.  Ditch the supermarket veggie tray and get after it!

For sandwich lovers...

Buffalo Chicken French Dip

When you need to feed a crowd...

And on to the grill for those of you in warmer climes (or brave cold weather grillers)...


Chocolate Caramel Sauce

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What could possibly make the best caramel sauce even better? Adding a little chocolate to it, of course!  Drizzle it on a simple cake, a dish of ice cream, or just eat it with a spoon☺.  Once cooled and refrigerated, you can even spread it on a little cookie or sweet cracker.  There's another way to use it, but I'll save that one for a separate post down the road.

If you are new to making caramel, see my post here for a a little tutorial.


Calamari Fritti with Pepperoncini Aioli

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How many of you have ordered fried calamari at a restaurant and then been kinda disappointed that you did?   You know what I mean-- those tough and rubbery rings that are either completely lacking in taste or smell like they were hanging out in the fishery a little too long?  While I hold out hope for getting really good calamari at a restaurant at some point, I decided that it was time to try making it myself and see if I could squeeze a little something more from the squid.

The squid is first soaked and chilled in a milk mixture.  This tenderizes the meat, making it a perfect texture once fried.  The rings are tossed in a lightly seasoned flour mixture before heading to the fryer.  Once fried and drained, serve them immediately with lemon wedges and a knockout Pepperoncini Aioli that'll have you coming back for more.

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