Game Day Food

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It is the week of the run-up to the Big Game on Super Sunday.  Everyone wants something good to eat while watching the game, the commercials, or just talking at a party.  I am reaching back into the Galley Gourmet archives for some of my favorite foods for game day indulgence.  I'll start with the mains today, list some great snacks and appetizers on Thursday, then round out the roundup with some killer desserts on Friday.  Ditch the supermarket veggie tray and get after it!

For sandwich lovers...

Buffalo Chicken French Dip

When you need to feed a crowd...

And on to the grill for those of you in warmer climes (or brave cold weather grillers)...


  1. Oh my gosh Nicole, everything looks so good. You are making me hungry! I haven't tried many of your app's and they always look amazing! I can't keep up. So many fun things to whip up in the kitchen for my family. I love it. Thank you for keeping me inspired!

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