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How to Peel a Pomegranate

If you read the Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup post, you might remember that I garnished the soup with pomegranate seeds; certainly optional.  However, it was brought to my attention that some of you have never opened a pomegranate. So, I thought I would share a tip for easy removal of those tiny, tasty seeds.  

Fill a large bowl full of cool water.  Score the tough outside peel with the blade of a pairing knife.  Pull apart the peel to expose the inside chambers.  Place the opened pomegranate in the bowl and separate the seeds from the pulp and internal membranes.  Oh, get your kids involved.  Their tiny fingers are perfect for picking out the seeds.  Just remember to put on an old shirt or apron because pomegranate juice stains.  As you seperate the seeds you will notice that the pulp floats and the seeds sink.  Simply remove the floating pulp and drain the water from the seeds.  How easy is that?


  1. Another great tip is to cut the pomegranate in half. Then with something heavy like a rolling pin hit the pomegranate half (skin side) a few times. The seeds will all fall out. If you do this into a bowl of water that separates the pulp from the seeds. Hope you try this some time.

  2. I have heard about that way too, but I've never tried it. To do list:)

  3. I bought this gadget on a visit to Israel, it works!

  4. Neat gadget! Perfect gift idea for the gadget lover/pomegranate lover in your life!

  5. I'll never buy storebought seeds again! I bought the already picked seeds thinking it would save time plus I never knew how to peel a pomegranate. After reading this "How to" I bought a whole pomegranate at the store. Your method works great and my daughter had fun helping me. And the fresh seeds taste sooooo much juicier than the already prepicked ones! Thanks for sharing this tip!

  6. Great tip - thanks for sharing!

    My roommate bought some this week and I've been trying to figure out what to do with the little buggers for awhile :P

  7. refering to anonymous advice above , you can use any heavy knife handle but remember to loosen the pomegranate seeds by pressing each half slightly all around befor you "pound" it.


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