Summertime Eats

Pin It Hello dear readers.  How are you? Me? I am alive and wonderfully well.  You may have been wondering where I have been.  Let's see...I have been enjoying this fine weather we are having and getting my yard and garden ready for the warm season.  I have been traveling around Northern Illinois for soccer games.  I have been cleaning the house and putting away winter things (I wish for good, especially after that little bit of snow on May 16th?!?) and dusting off summer toys. I have been enjoying time with my husband (sans kiddos) on long weekend bike rides and lunch dates.  And like always, I have been busy in the kitchen making food for my family and for cupcake lovers☺. But what I have not been doing is posting here.  I'm sorry, I just haven't had my bloggin' britches on.  To me, blogging is about quality and not necessarily about quantity.  I don't want to just throw out a post and recipe.  I want my heart, soul, and my passion for food to be in each and every one.  Having said that...a long holiday weekend is ahead, so I want to share a few good eats from the archives that would be perfect for the weekend and all summer long.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend.  Now I gotta go find my britches!






Pastas and Salads

Bars and Brownies

Cakes and Confections

(S'mores anyone?)

Ice Cream and Sorbets

Pies and Galettes

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