Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

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Whassup?!  Yep, I'm still here.  I just got a case of the blogging blues and I have been thoroughly enjoying summer with my family.  For the first time in almost four years, I have taken more pictures of my kids than food!  I do thank you for the comments and concerns about my whereabouts. I promise I will get back into a regular posting schedule again soon.  Maybe when the kids are out of the house by 7:35 am instead of waking up at 9:00 am (wait-- 10:45 am for the teenagers) and saying-- "Mom, what are we going to do today?"

A few Sundays back, I had every good intention of sharing this recipe.  It was a beautiful day and I had raspberries ready to be picked in the garden (which influenced my choice of dessert for the evening).  I cooked and photographed the brownies, edited the image, wrote up the Sunday dinner menu, and even got as far as typing half the recipe.  Then my husband walks in and says-- "How 'bout we get out of here, go toss back a few and eats some hot wings while we watch the World Cup?"  See, it's not all my fault that I have been incognito.  There are just too many distractions around here;)  

Anyways, here is a little something sweet for you to enjoy while I dust off the cobwebs.  Don't think I need to say much about raspberries, cream cheese, and chocolate other than-- "To die for!"


Barbecued Pulled Chicken

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Well, I found my blogging britches...sort of.  But they are in dire need of some cleaning and repairs.  Actually, I could use a fresh new pair for a new look, but I'll have to make do for now.  One would think with summer vacation underway, I would have more time to blog.  Not!  Twice this week I had intentions to write this post, but instead I was busy with, "Mom, what are we going to do today?" and "Mom, can we paint my room?" and "Mom, we need new clothes" and "Mom, can we brush the dogs' teeth?"(--say what? Yeah, we have two dogs).  Not to mention driving to and from friends' houses and soccer practice (yep, still going) around a town where it seems that every other street is either blocked or closed due to construction and a weekend festival going on (grrr--sorry for the venting)!  And it probably didn't help that any free time that I did have it was spent with my nose in a book-- Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a twisted good read.

Anyway, here I am sharing a recipe because I need to, I want to, and because it is really darn good!  You know that I am a big fan of smoked meats.  But sometimes that whole process of smoking can be quite labor intensive (which is why I usually make it in large batches and freeze it).  However, this recipe is not.  Tender, dark chicken leg quarter meat is smoked with wood chunks instead of logs.  The whole cooking process takes about an hour, unlike the 9 to 11 hours that other smoked meats can take.  Bonus for a weeknight dinner or when you just want to enjoy all the outdoor weekend festivities.  Pile up the finished product on some good homemade or bakery buns and serve with some creamy coleslaw, a few chips or even some sweet summer corn-on-the-cob.  This is a meal fit for a king-- the king of the house for Father's Day that is!


Summertime Eats

Pin It Hello dear readers.  How are you? Me? I am alive and wonderfully well.  You may have been wondering where I have been.  Let's see...I have been enjoying this fine weather we are having and getting my yard and garden ready for the warm season.  I have been traveling around Northern Illinois for soccer games.  I have been cleaning the house and putting away winter things (I wish for good, especially after that little bit of snow on May 16th?!?) and dusting off summer toys. I have been enjoying time with my husband (sans kiddos) on long weekend bike rides and lunch dates.  And like always, I have been busy in the kitchen making food for my family and for cupcake lovers☺. But what I have not been doing is posting here.  I'm sorry, I just haven't had my bloggin' britches on.  To me, blogging is about quality and not necessarily about quantity.  I don't want to just throw out a post and recipe.  I want my heart, soul, and my passion for food to be in each and every one.  Having said that...a long holiday weekend is ahead, so I want to share a few good eats from the archives that would be perfect for the weekend and all summer long.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend.  Now I gotta go find my britches!






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