Parslied Potatoes

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Here it is-- my last installment for our Irish themed menu, Parslied Potatoes.  I'll save the Cabbage Gratin for another time.   While these potatoes dress the Whiskey Glazed Corned Beef wellthey are a staple in our household, complimenting several other main dishes. With just a few ingredients and a small amount of time, you are rewarded with tender and buttery potatoes that have a golden crust.  You can use any herb of your choice.  Chives, rosemary, thyme, and tarragon all work well.  However, if you are making them with corned beef, I would stick with the parsley.  It lends a nice and clean herbal note.  Just remember, make it for you, make it your own.

The only trick to this recipe is regulating the heat on your burner.  You do not want the heat too high after the initial sauté.  That will cause the butter to brown too much and the potatoes will burn.

Even if you are not making these with corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, they are a perfect side to any roast meat or fish at any time of the year.

Parslied Potatoes
serves 4-6

2 pounds small Yukon Gold potatoes, size B or smaller, washed and dried
1 tablespoon canola oil
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons unsalted butter at room temperature
3 tablespoons minced fresh flat-leaf parsley
Freshly ground black pepper

Peel the potatoes smoothly and pat dry on a paper towel; do not wash again.  Heat the oil and butter in a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.  When the butter foam subsides, add the potatoes and allow them to cook undisturbed for 2 minutes.  Turn the potatoes over and cook for another 2 minutes.  Shake the skillet back and forth and sauté for another 4-5 minutes.  The potatoes should have a pale golden color with a seared crust that will prevent them from sticking to the pan.

Sprinkle the potatoes with salt and shake the skillet again.  Lower the heat to medium to medium-low, cover with a tight fitting lid, and cook for 15 minutes, shaking the skillet every 3-4 minutes to prevent sticking and to ensure an even color.  (If you don't have a lid, you can use a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil tightly wrapped over the edges, being careful not to burn your fingers.)  The potatoes will be done when they are easily pierced with the tip of a paring knife.  Depending on the size of your potatoes, they may need another 5-10 minutes.

Once the potatoes are cooked through, drain the fat from the skillet, reserving the potatoes.  Off heat, add the softened butter, parsley, and black pepper to taste.  Roll the potatoes to coat.  Transfer the potatoes to a serving platter.  Enjoy!

Source: Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 1


  1. Salavating over these already! They look so delicious and I can't wait to pair them with the corned beef:)

  2. Picture perfect!These will be on my plate tomorrow night.

  3. I doubt mine will look as perfect, but I'll certainly give it a try! And very nice blog, first time visiting but will return. (BTW, you might be interested in my history of corned beef and cabbage at http://www.foodista.com/blog/2011/03/15/the-history-of-corned-beef-and-cabbage/)

  4. Thanks Nicole! Leave it to Julia, to raise something so simple to the divine. I've never done roasted potatoes on the stovetop, always in the oven. So I'm anxious to try this technique.

  5. These are by far the best thing's I've laid my eyes on in the past couple of days. Beautiful, gorgeous, I think I don't want to eat these potatoes, but just sit and adore the golden hue. Seriously, these are brilliant & Beautiful! A masterpiece :) This alone makes me a fan of your blog.

    Visiting your blog for the first time, will visit regularly now on :) Keep up the good work!

  6. Ambika-
    I am flattered by your comment:) Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by.

  7. I am so excited! I made these potatoes. They are delicious and beautiful at the same time. Dad was amazed when he saw them on his plate. He said that this is a keeper recipe! Excellent directions. Thank you.

  8. yumm! I feel like I might have seen these on foodgawker or tastespotting at some point? They look delicious!

  9. That's why I love foodgawker...
    Helps me find amazing recipes and blogs like these...

  10. i love everything potatoes! I havea hard time cookiing them stovetop tho ( i usually end up roasting them) and will def try your method out!

  11. Can everybody say "Perfect"! All at the same time now... "Perfect"! I made these for Easter dinner and then had to make them again a week later for Sunday dinner! They turned out as beautiful as the picture after following the directions exactly. Letting them cook for two minutes without disturbing and "checking" was the hardest part but absolutely necessary. Thank you!

  12. "Perfect"! Cindy, you are welcome. I am so glad you enjoyed them. I appreciate the kind comment. Happy cooking!

  13. I made these potatoes as a side dish for Mother's Day dinner (for my mom) and we LOVED them. We had steak and salad, I served the potatoes with creme fraiche on the side (in place of sour cream). So easy, and so delicious! They looked almost as pretty as the ones in your photograph. I will definitely be making these again (and again!). Thanks!

  14. Colleen-
    You are welcome:) What a delicious dinner you had with mom. You can't go wrong with a little crème fraîche on the side. Thank you for letting me know.


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