Good Eats for Mardi Gras

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I hope y'all are up for another compilation or two this week, because the next big event to hit the Big Easy is right around the corner.  My husband knows the Tuesday before Lent as Paczki (pronounced "punch-key") Day.  Fat Tuesday is a day for those of Polish descent to eat one or five of those doughnut-like treats before giving up sweets for the Lord.  Well, in New Orleans it's on a little bit larger of a scale.  Parades, beads, doubloons ("Throw me somethin' mister!"), and a little gluttony and debauchery on the side...hey, have a last hurrah worthy of a good story if that's your thing.  Here are some great recipes to get you in the festive mood or to just fill your belly well---


  1. Thank you☺. Enjoy the recipes!

  2. Great recipe's here. Thank you and “laissez les bons temps rouler" Angelia @ http://dixielandcountry.com


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